Advanced Design, Analysis and Verification of NoC Architectures (NoC)

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Tutorial Abstract

Communication fabrics are critical for the quality (correctness, performance, energy, reliability) and fast integration of future computer systems in all segments. Examples of communication fabrics range from high-end regular rings and meshes in high- end servers and high-performance computing to SoC interconnect and IO fabric. Interconnect design is one of the greatest challenges faced by designers regardless of whether the interconnect fabrics are regular or irregular in structure.

Designing communication fabrics is a multidimensional challenge that involves complex functional and performance validation, cost analysis (area, power, design cost), and multilayered optimization (logical performance of interconnect vs. physical design aspects of the chip). This tutorial will summarize the results of the Communication Fabrics research program funded by Intel University Research Office and executed by multiple universities in collaboration with Intel Corp. In particular, the tutorial will cover:

  • Functional correctness (memory consistency proofs, deadlock-freedom, livelocks)
  • Traffic models for the evaluation of communication fabrics
  • Quality of service analysis and optimization
  • Uncore, interconnect, and system power management
  • Physically-aware performance and area optimization for communication fabrics

News: 3/20/14

Accepted into PACT Program

The Advanced Design, Analysis and Verification of NoC Architectures Tutorial was accepted into the PACT'2014 Program!

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